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Full text of "A history of Persia"

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-Abridged Translation of the History of Tabaristan, by Edward Granville

Browne.    8vo.    1905.

Adventures of Hajji Baba in England, by James Morier.
Aeschylus in E?iglish Verse, by Arthur Sanders Way.    8vo.    1906.
Alexander's Empire, by Professor J. P. Mahafry.    8vo.    1887.
Amrnianus Marcellinus, Works of.

Ancient History of the Near East, by H. R. H. Hall.    8vo.    1913.
Ancient   India   as   described  by  Megasthenes  and Arrian,  by J. W.

MacCrindle.    8vo.    1877.
" Antiquity   of   Oriental   Carpets,"   Journal Royal   Society of Arts,

November 1908.
Arabia, the  Cradle of Islam, by  Rev.  S. M, Zwemer.    Large 8vo.


*Arminius Vambtry, his Life and Adventures, by himself.    8vo.    1884.
Arrian, Anabasis ; translation with Commentaries, by E. J. Chinnock.

Small 8vo.    1884.

Baber, Memoirs, by himself ; translated by J. Leyden and W. Erskine.
4to.    1826.
Baber, Memoirs, by 'Lieut.-Col. F. G. Talbot.    8vo,    1909.
Babylonia and Assyria, History of, by Hugo Winckler.    8vo.    1907.
Bactria, by Hugh George Rawlinson.    8vo.    1912.
Book of Governors, The, by Thomas, Bishop of Marga, edited by E. A,
Wallis Budge.    1893.
Bruce, Memoirs of Peter Henry.   4to.    1782.
By Mountain, Lake, and Plain : being Sketches of Sport in Eastern Persia,
by Lieut.-Col. R. L. Kennion.    8vo.    1911.
Calendar  of State Papers, edited by W. Noel  Sainsbury.    10 vols*
Large 8 vo.    1860-.    In progress.
Caliphate, The, by Sir William Muir.    8vo.    1891.
-^Caravan Journeys in Persia, etc., by J. P. Ferrier.    8vo.    1856.
Chao Ju-kua : His Work on the Chinese and Arab Trade.   Translated by
F. Hirth and W. W. Rockhill.    Large 8vo.    1911.
China and the Roman Orient, by Dr. Friedrich Hirth.    8vo.    1885.
Chronica Majora, of Matthew Paris, edited by H. R. Luard.    7 vols..
Large 8vo.   .1872-83.
VOL. II                                 513                                     2 L